Angular stripe phase in spin-orbital-angular-momentum coupled Bose condensates

Xiao-Long Chen (陈小龙) 博士后 清华大学

报告时间:2020年10月22日 下午4:00-5:00

摘要In this talk, I will present a superfluid with supersolid-like properties, i.e., angular stripe phase, realized in a pancake-like spin-1/2 Bose gas with spin-orbital-angular-momentum coupling. A rich ground-state phase diagram, including the vortex-antivortex pair phase, the half-skyrmion phase, and two different angular stripe phases, will be depicted. The stripe phases feature a modulated angular density-density correlation with a sizable contrast and can occupy a relatively large parameter space. The low-lying collective excitations, such as the dipole and breathing modes, show distinct behaviors in different phases. The existence of the stripe phase is also clearly indicated in the energetic and dynamic instabilities of collective modes near phase transitions. Our predictions of the angular stripe phase could be readily examined in current cold-atom experiments with 87Rb and 41K.