Here at the Lab for Quantum Measurement and Communication (QMC). We are doing researches on the generation and preparation of nonclassical optical fields and their applications to quantum measurement, quantum information, and so on.

We have finished some research projects, such as “absorption measurement beyond the shot noise limit”, “the generation and application of frequency-detuned nonclassical light”, “experimental research of quantum teleportation”, “continuous-wave quantum state transferring and quantum cloning” and “multi-color and multi-partite entanglement in the cascade nonlinear processes”. We are currently doing researches on the generations of spatial and temporal multimode nonclassical states and quantum precision measurements: the generation of cw hyperentanglement state, the generation of spatial squeezing and entanglement, precision measurement of spatial small displacement, tilt, orbital angular momentum and small rotation angle, experimental demonstration of wave-particle duality and uncertainty principle.

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