Modulation-Noise-Free Continuously Tunable Single-Frequency CW Ti:Sapphire Laser With Intracavity-Locked Birefringent Etalon

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Realization of a continuous-wave single-frequency tunable Nd:CYA laser

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Direct generation of a stable multi-beam pulsed 355 nm UV laser based on a micro-lens array

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Low-intensity-noise single-frequency CW 1080 nm laser by employing a laser crystal with the small stimulated-emission cross section

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Diving angle optimization of BRF in a single-frequency continuous-wave wideband tunable titanium:sapphire laser

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Realization of compact Watt-level single-frequency continuous-wave self-tuning titanium: sapphire laser

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Cavity resonance enhanced watt-level single-frequency 1240 nm Raman laser

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A Review of the High-Power All-Solid-State Single-Frequency Continuous-Wave Laser

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Research progress of high-power, low-noise all-solid-state continuous wave single-frequency lasers

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Investigation into the thermal effects of a Nd:YVO crystal at 1342nm using the bistability-like output characteristics

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Influence of the pump scheme on the output power and the intensity noise of a single-frequency continuous-wave laser

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Thermal focal length determination of a laser crystal by modulating the pump source

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All solid-state high stability 355nm UV pulsed laser

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All solid-state continuous single frequency 266nm deep ultraviolet laser

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Intensity noise suppression of a high-power single-frequency CW laser by controlling the stimulated emission rate

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Continuously tunable single-frequency 455 nm blue laser for high-state excitation transition of cesium

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125 W single-frequency CW Nd:YVO4 laser based on two-stage dual-end-pumped master-oscillator power amplifiers

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Realization of a 101 W single-frequency continuous wave all-solid-state 1064 nm laser by means of mode self-reproduction

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Expanding Continuous Tuning Range of a CW Single-Frequency Laser by Combining an Intracavity Etalon With a Nonlinear Loss

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Investigation about the influence of longitudinal-mode structure of the laser on therelative intensity noise properties

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Self-injection locked CW single-frequency tunable Ti:sapphire laser

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Study on 100 watt class solid state continuous single frequency 1064 nm laser

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Investigation on the thermal characteristic of MgO:PPSLT crystal by transmission spectrum of a swept cavity

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Intra-cavity round-trip loss measurement of all-solid-state single-frequency laser by introducing extra nonlinear loss

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Single-frequency CW Ti:sapphire laser with intensity noise manipulation and continuous frequency-tuning

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Generation of high-power single-frequency 397.5 nm laser with long lifetime and perfect beam quality in an external enhancement-cavity with

huadong Lu*,jiao Wei,yixiao Wei,jing Su,kunchi Peng

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Influence of the curvature radius of the cavity on the working state of high power single frequency laser

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High power single-frequency and frequency-doubled laser with active compensation for the thermal lens effect of terbium gallium garnet cryst

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Scheme for improving laser stability via feedback control of intracavity nonlinear loss

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High power single frequency LBO intracavity frequency doubling 461 nm Ti gem laser

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Realization of a Tunable 455.5-nm Laser With Low Intensity Noise by Intracavity Frequency-Doubled Ti:Sapphire Laser

fengqin Li,huijuan Li,huadong Lu

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High-power tunable single-frequency 461 nm generation from an intracavity doubled Ti:sapphire laser with PPKTP

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Study on high precision digital temperature control system of all-solid-state single frequency green laser

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Effect of pumping wavelength on output characteristics of continuous single frequency Nd:YVO4 laser

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Realization of a continuous frequency-tuning Ti:sapphire laser with an intracavity locked etalon

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Control nonlinear loss to achieve stable high power single frequency laser and tunable laser output

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Intracavity frequency-doubled and singlefrequency Ti:sapphire laser with optimal length of the gain medium

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Investigation of the thermal lens effect of the TGG crystal in high-power frequency-doubled laser with single frequency operation

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Single frequency Ti:sapphire laser with continuous frequency-tuning and low intensity noise by means of the additional intracavity nonlinear

huadong Lu*,xuejun Sun,meihong Wang,jing Su,kunchi Peng

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Continuous-wave single-frequency laser with dual wavelength at 1064 and 532 nm

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Broadband tunable single-frequency Nd:YVO4/LBO green laser with high output power

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The cavity loss of a single-frequency titanium gemstone laser is measured using the relaxation oscillation frequency and output power

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Photoelectric feedback is used to suppress intensity noise in the low frequency band of titanium gem lasers

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Compact and stable tunable titanium gem laser

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All solid state high output power single frequency Nd:YVO4/KTP laser

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