Quantum computing with near-term quantum hardware-量子变分算法系列讲座

报告题目:Quantum computing with near-term quantum hardware-量子变分算法系列讲座

报告人:袁骁 助理教授(北京大学前沿计算中心)




Realizing a universal quantum computer is challenging with current technology. Before having a fully-fledged quantum computer, a more realistic question is what we can do with current and near-term quantum hardware. In this talk, we first review the algorithms that are designed for noisy-intermediate-scaled-quantum devices with the so-called hybrid or variational approach. Then, we consider three major challenges in implementing these algorithms related to problem encoding, optimization, and error mitigation. We show recent progresses for overcoming these challenges and discuss potential future directions. With the rapid development of quantum hardware, error-mitigated variational quantum simulation may finally enable genuine quantum advantage demonstration in the noisy-intermediate-scaled quantum era.


袁骁博士,国家海外高层次青年人才,现任北京大学前沿计算研究中心助理教授,于202011月正式加入中心。他于2012年和2016年分别在北京大学和清华大学获学士、博士学位,之后于2017年、2017-2019年、2019-2020年分别在中国科学技术大学、牛津大学、斯坦福大学进行博士后研究。研究兴趣包括量子计算、量子信息、量子资源理论等当前的主要研究方向包括量子计算算法设计、量子模拟、量子资源理论等。截至20219月,袁骁博士在物理领域顶级国际会议及期刊发表论文61篇,其中包括 1 篇在 Review of Modern Physics8 篇在 Physical Review Letters2 篇在 Physical Review X3 篇在 Nature1篇在Nature Communication