Optomechanical instabilities in laser interferometer gravitational wave detectors

报告题目:Optomechanical instabilities in laser interferometer gravitational wave detectors

报告人:Jian Liu (Postdoctoral researcher, Max-Planck Institut für Gravitationsphysik)




I am currently a postdoctoral researcher at the Max-Planck Institut für Gravitationsphysik (Albert Einstein Institute), working on commissioning of a 10 m prototype gravitational wave detector which aim to achieve quantum noise only limited sensitivity.

I worked on instrumentation of gravitational wave physics. In particular, I did research in Gingin lab of University of Western Australia, which hosts an 80 m suspended optical cavity. My research interests include controlling and locking acquisition of high-power suspended cavity as well as preventing radiation pressure induced instabilities such as parametric instability and angular instability.

I went to LIGO Hanford as a fellow for half a year where I worked on designing and characterizing the new bowtie pre-mode-cleaner for O3 run which is now being installed. I worked on the designing of a triangular cavity for beam jitter noise attenuation for future science run and LIGO A+ project. I was also involved in general commissioning and detector characterization while I was in LIGO.