Zero-modes in InAs/Al hybrid nanostructures and Majorana-box Qubit

报告题目:Zero-modes in InAs/Al hybrid nanostructures and Majorana-box Qubit

报告人:邓明堂 副研究员(国防科学技术大学)




We will briefly review the progress on building Majorana zero-modes in InAs/Al nanostructures, including InAs nanowires with half  or fully covered Al shell, selectively area grown (SAG) hybrid networks, and 2DEG InAs with epitaxy Al which was done by my colleges. Semiconductor-superconductor epitaxy provides the material a hard-induced superconducting gap, which is crucial for topological protection. A moderate coupling between semiconductor and superconductor allows coalesce Andreev bound states into Majorana modes with an external magnetic field. We have observed such a zero-mode in hybrid nanowires, 2DEGs and SAG networks. We will also demonstrate a novel means of creating Majorana zero modes using magnetic flux applied to a full superconducting shell surrounding a semiconducting nanowire core, unifying approaches based on proximitized nanowires and vortices in topological superconductors.

We have been also developing several protypes of Majorana-qubit devices, which aim to demonstrate Majorana fusion rules and qubit.


邓明堂,博士,副研究员。2007年本科毕业于国防科大计算机学院,2013年博士毕业于瑞典隆德大学固体物理系,2014-2017年哥本哈根大学玻尔研究所博士后,2017年玻尔研究所助理教授。现为国防科技大学计算机学院量子信息研究所兼HPCL量子计算研究室主任,从事量子计算、量子器件物理、纳米电子学、自旋电子学和低温物理等方向的研究,以第一作者身份在Science、PRL、PRB、Nano Letters等期刊发表多篇论文,引用3500余次。