Separating spin and charge in one dimensional atomic Fermi gas

报告题目:Separating spin and charge in one dimensional atomic Fermi gas

报告人:管习文 研究员 (中科院精密测量科学与技术创新研究院)




Low-energy excitations of one dimensional (1D) interacting fermions typically split into two independent Tomonaga-Luttinger liquid (TLLs), each of which carries either spin or charge. This phenomenon is called spin-charge separation--a hallmark of 1D many-body physics. Although there have been more than 40 years of research in this field and evidence for spin-charge separation has been reported in 1D solid state materials, definite experimental observation of this phenomenon is challenging.

In this talk I will report on our recent precise observation of the TLL theory of spin-charge separation in the trapped 1D ultracold Fermi gas. This work, for the first time, experimentally verifies the TLL theory of the spin-charge separation and provides strong evidence for nonlinear TLL effects, beyond the TLL model. It is a paradigmatic example of quantum many-body physics, offers new insight into quantum physics. (Science,376, 1305–1308 (2022)). Moreover, we will further discuss the spin incoherent TLL, which solely displays a propagating charge mode but not a spin mode, and its application in quantum metrology.


管习文,研究员,中科院精密测量科学与技术创新研究院。 2003-2012年期间在澳大利亚国立大学物理与工程研究院任研究员、高级研究员, 现为澳大利亚国立大学物理与工程研究院荣誉教授。他担任国家科技部重大科学研究计划项目的首席科学家和国家自然科学基金重点项目主持人,同时是美国哈佛大学、洛斯阿拉莫斯国家实验室等世界一流研究机构的高级访问学者, 清华大学高等研究院客座教授,香港中文大学杨振宁访问学人。担任《Journal of Physics A》的编委及IUPAP C18数学物理委员。

管习文研究员长期从事冷原子多体系统、自旋系统和凝聚态物理体系的严格解模型研究,取得了一系列在国际上颇具影响力的研究成果。至今发表130余篇SCI论文,包括世界物理顶尖期刊《Science》、《Review of Modern Physics》、《Advance in Physics》、《Nature》子刊、《National Science Review》、《Physical Review Letters》等。