Toward Non-Hermitian Many-Body Systems: Schemes and Examples

报告题目:Toward Non-Hermitian Many-Body Systems: Schemes and Examples

报告人:易为 教授(中国科学技术大学)




Non-Hermitian physics has stimulated enormous interest of late. While most existing studies focus on single-body phenomena, a looming question for theorists and experimentalists alike is the relevance of non-Hermitian many-body Hamiltonians. How to relate the exotic many-body features thereof to quantum open systems? And with what physical system? In this talk, I will address the issue from two aspects. First, I will review several theoretical frameworks in which non-Hermitian descriptions naturally emerge in quantum many-body environments. Second, I will discuss recent progresses in cold atoms where schemes for observing the non-Hermitian skin effects have been proposed and realized. Whereas the non-Hermitian skin effect is a single-body phenomenon, its implementation in a quantum many-body setting is an encouraging first step toward non-Hermitian many-body systems.