Dynamical Spin-Orbit-Coupled Supersolid Phase for Cold Atoms in a Cavity

报告题目:Dynamical Spin-Orbit-Coupled Supersolid Phase for Cold Atoms in a Cavity

报告人:邓元刚 教授(中山大学)




The supersolid phase characterized by superfluidity and long-range spatial periodicity of crystalline order is central to many branches of science ranging from condensed matter physics to ultracold atomic physics. First, I will focus on proposing a self-ordered checkerboard supersolid phase originating from dynamical spin-orbit coupling for a transversely pumped atomic Bose-Einstein condensate trapped in a ring cavity, corresponding to a superradiant anti-Tavis-Cummings phase transition. Subsequently, I will discuss our latest theoretical work on realizing spinor self-ordering superradiant phases resulting from cavity-mediated collective spin-squeezing interactions, exhibiting highly correlations in spin and momentum modes. Finally, I will provide a brief summary.


邓元刚,中山大学物理与天文学院教授。2015年7月在中国科学院理论物理研究所获得博士学位,随后在清华大学物理系做博士后研究(获得清华大学“彭桓武博士后”支持),2017年9月加入中山大学。主要从事超冷原子、极性分子气体新奇物态及其调控的理论研究,相关理论方案获得了国际知名实验组的广泛关注。在国际知名物理学期刊上发表论文近30篇,第一/通讯作者包括: PRL 2篇、Photon. Res. 2篇、Phys. Rev. 系列13篇等。主持了包括基金委重点子课题、科技部重点研发子课题、基金委面上等多项国家级项目(课题)。