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Brief Introduction

Quantum Optics Device Group mainly focus on quantum optics, laser technique and nonlinear optics.There are three research parts of the lab: the first part is the development of high power continuous-wave single frequency all-solid-state laser at different wavelength, like visible, near-infrared and so on.  The second part is to extend laser wavelength through frequency conversion, like optical parametric oscillator or second harmonic generation.  And the third part is practical quantum devices and its application; we  obtain the non-classical states at 1.5 micrometer, compared with other wavelength, which has the lowest optical power attenuation with transmission in fiber. It should have more practical applications in quantum information process.


All-solid-state laser technique

All-solid-state high-power cw laser of single frequency operation (infrared, visible)

Nonlinear optics

Optical parametric Oscillator

Sencond harmonic generation


Quantum optics

Generation and application of non-classical light fields

(squeezed stated、entangled state)


Optical quantum device and applications

Prototype of nonclassical light fields